Pinnacle Surgery Center

Providing our community with the most advanced, cost-effective and efficient outpatient surgery.


Keeping you and your loved ones safe is our number one priority.  We have always held infection prevention at the highest level whether we are experiencing a pandemic or not.  Besides cleaning after every patient, you will see a decreased number of people in our lobby as family members are able to go home and then return when we call.  Additionally, we have installed plexiglass barriers at our reception area and dilation bays.  We will issue every patient a surgical mask on arrival and require that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before going to the pre-operative bay.  The entire team washes and/or hand-sanitizes between every patient. 

pinnacle surgery center

Pinnacle Surgery Center is the premier center for eye surgery in Colorado Springs. The Surgery Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Our surgeons provide peace of mind for your surgery.


The Pinnacle Difference

In 2013, after years of planning and development, Pinnacle Eye Center opened.  Located in Pinnacle Eye Center is Pinnacle Surgery Center.  This Ambulatory Surgery Center was designed specifically for all areas of ophthalmic surgery to provide our community, ages 2 years to 100 years old, with the most advanced, cost effective and efficient ocular surgical experience in the region.  Using the newest technology enables us to provide patients with leading edge surgical techniques to maximize outcomes, minimize complications and reduce surgical times.

We have 20 surgeons covering the spectrum of eye care including, cataract, glaucoma, oculo-plastics, cornea, and retina surgical care.  Retina Consultants of Southern Colorado are the only retina surgeons in Southern Colorado.  We are fortunate to have these highly skilled surgeons in our city. 

We are confident that no other surgical facility in this region will offer patients a better experience for undergoing ophthalmic surgery.  

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When to stop eating

This depends on the type of surgery.  A rule of thumb is to stop eating food 6 hours prior to arrival time.  You can have clear liquids such as BLACK coffee, water, apple juice, Gatorade and tea up to three hours prior to surgery.  YOU MAY NOT have liquids that have milk, fat, or pulp.  Your surgery will be postponed or cancelled if you do.